la vie est belle ♡

I made this chocolate layered cake type thing in a jar for the first time and it’s actually really hard haha #epicfail

Im on a social media break during mondays to wednesdays/thursdays so yeah bye instagwam, bye twittah, bye facebewk, bye tumblah(😲!!!) see you on friday night (probably). #focusonthetarget haha chos. (at Gaisano Bowlingplex)

Omnia mutantur, nos et mutantur in illis. (All things change, and we change with them.)

I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds on my neck. 😋🌸

The weather’s finally a bit better today. And the electricity’s back (YAY!). Hope everyone’s safe. ☺️ #YolandaPH


So i decided to write a poem tonight!

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. 💁💁💁💁💁
#meangirls #yoloclub #washdaywednesday 😂 @juicykurves @diahsal @veryniceeeee @hennalowe

Eating, reading, taking photos > everything else | #700thpost 🔮


my life is a constant balance between seeking attention and shying away from it once i get it


how do i know if this is a jason derulo song or not if only he could let me know in some way


dylanohsigen: even though it was for glee, at least cory saw lea in a wedding gown before he left (x)

i was just really bored. And i missed collaging. So yeah. #thissuckstho #collage #transparent #edits #selfie #flowerchild #tumblr #stuff #CharLang #hatersgonhate